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Summer bucket list

I am not one to float through life. There is nothing I like more than making lists - I find it focuses your mind and helps you achieve your goals.

This summer, we hope to try a few different things and have decided to make a Summer family bucket list. Here are the things we'd like to try:-

*A family bike ride
As I don't own a bike, we have never done this as a family before! We are all hiring bikes during our stay at Center Parcs and I cannot tell you how excited the kids are about this!

*Spot and photograph a red squirrel
This is not just on my summer bucket list - it is on my actual life bucket list! Again, I'm hoping Center Parcs comes up trumps!

*Go rockpooling 
The kids absolutely adore rockpooling and it is like an adventure. Plus it's free! We haven't had a chance to go
Rockpooling properly this year but it's hopefully something we can do soon.

*Visit house of Tides
I desperately want to visit however the price tag warrants a special occasion. Luckily enough, hubby's birthday falls in July so hopefully we will get to go then, even if it is just midweek.

*Jump up and down in muddy puddles with peppa pig
It seems like so long ago when we last visited Peppa pig world. I am lucky enough to be in possesion of free tickets. Our children are a lot older now so I'm not sure if it will be as magical as the first time - they still seem very excited though and it will be nice to explore the rest of Paulton's park.

*Ride Diesel 10 with Jack at Thomasland
Again, we are lucky to have free tickets to Thomasland (from Santa last year). We last visited for Jack's third birthday last Christmas however I think a visit his summer may top our last as Jack is even more obsessed with Thomas now!

*Enjoy a night at the theatre and al fresco drinks with the girls

*Cook outdoors on a campfire

*Go strawberry picking and make some jam

*Hire a beach hut

*Take a boat trip to the Farne Islands
This is something we did pre-children but have never tried it with the kids. I think they are all old enough now to really enjoy it and appreciate the wildlife.

*Admire some Royal portraits
We love anythingn regal! I'm looking forward to seeing the first Christening portrait of Prince George  (amongst others) at the Royals then and now exhibit in Yorkshire this year.

*Camp under the stars

So that pretty much covers our summer bucket list. What do you think? What's on your list?

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