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Valentines day

Everybody celebrates Valentine's differently (some people not at all) and I say just do what is right for you, your loved one and your current circumstances. Whether this be a luxurious night in a hotel or a quiet night in at home, the important thing is spending time with the one you love.

This will be our 13th valentines day together and year, we have 3 children at home and limited funds so we are trying to make the most of what we have.

I'm making my secret recipe homemade chicken soup which will be perfect on a winters night like tonight. We'll make the effort and sit at the table which doesn't seem to have been happening much lately! It is a recipe I have cooked for us from the day we first lived together (when I was only 19!) and we both love it so it is a special meal for us but doesn't cost a lot to make.

Today in sainsburys I picked up a box of chocolates for £3 and two miniature bottles of prossecco for £5 so after our meal we are going to enjoy these snuggled up on the sofa and watch a movie together tonight. 

What are you doing to celebrate valentines night? Whatever it is, have fun xxx


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