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My twelve favourite things about Christmas

I'm a Center Parcs Family Blogger and will be visiting Whinfell forest village with my family. I thought I would join in the fun and enter this month's challenge. If you want to enter to win a place as a wildcard winner just go the challenge page to find out how.

1. The arrival of elf on the shelf. 
I love his silly antics and our children race downstairs every morning to see what mischief he has got up to overnight.

2. Turkey dinner overload
It's the only time of year we eat turkey so we might as well make the most of it! I enjoy turkey at my works Christmas party, during our Christmas meal with friends, on my grandads birthday meal out, on the big day itself and not forgetting turkey sandwiches on Boxing Day.

3. My children's Christmas nativity
Whether they are readers, angels or Mary or Joseph. The school nativity play always managed to bring a year to my eye.

4. Christmas markets
I just love browsing festive treats and buying gifts from Christmas markets. It's lovely being able to chat to the person who made the product you are about to buy. I've been to 3 Christmas markets this year! 

5. Christmas Eve
The most magical part of Christmas - I love putting the carrot out for Rudolph, sprinkling reindeer dust on the lawn, baking mince pies to leave out for Santa and seeing our children's faces as they see that Santa's elves have left them new Christmas Eve PJs and bubble bath.

6. Decorating our Fireplace
I just love snuggling up on the sofa with the Christmas tree lights on and candles flickering away on the fireplace. Very festive!

7. Champagne and chocolates
Champagne is without doubt my favourite drink and at Christmas I get to indulge! Champagne at parties, Champagne on Christmas Eve, Champagne mixed with orange juice for Christmas Day breakfast, Champagne with lunch..........you get the picture!

8. The Christmas Stocking Tradition
We always hang the children's stockings on the fireplace and Santa fills them with treats and puts them at the end of everybody's beds.

I love shopping for stocking fillers and can't really explain why - perhaps it's the challenge of finding little things I know they'll love or the fact that I don't really have to worry about how much I am spending as they are always fairly cheap? Whoopee cushions and chocolate gold coins are always big hits.

9. The feeling you get when everything has been bought, wrapped and delivered to Santa and you can finally relax!

10. Taking the children to see Father Christmas
They all still believe in the magic and it is just so amazing to be able to take them. I know I will only have a few years left of being able to do this so I really cherish it. Loved it this year when my 2 year old asked if Santa would come down our chimney just like on Peppa Pig. 

Nick Oot is a Winter Wonderland expert at Center parcs (dream job!) and visiting Santa is one of his favourite parts of Christmas too:-  "Meeting the man himself – what better way for you to get in the Christmas mood than by visiting Santa and his little helpers in Santa’s Woodland Workshop?"

11. Festive baking
I'll admit I haven't had much of a chance to bake this year. It turns out a 2 year old is much more of a handful than a 1 year old! I love baking my own cake and mince pies. You just can't beat the smell Christmas baking fills the home with. Here are aome of last years efforts.

12. Our children's excitement on Christmas morning
Love seeing their faces when they open their stockings and then run downstairs to open their gifts. For me, this is the best part of Christmas.

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